Hi there! Hello! and Welcome!

I'm Laura, an artist and designer based in rural Lancashire, United Kingdom.  

I am also a daughter, partner, step mother, travel and photography enthusiast.  I love colour, creating contrast, exploring my creativity and also helping other people to get in touch with their creative sides and discover that side of themselves.  

I work freely and intuitively in a very expressive way, going with how I feel and what I am drawn toward.  I am constantly working to develop my style and develop a maintainable practice.  I work to manifest my ideas and inspiration into work that communicates what is in my heart and soul to the world.  Things that I cannot necessarily verbalise.  

Please feel free to explore my work, my words and my imagery, there will constantly be new things to see, read, watch and experience here, and so I encourage you to sign up to my newsletter to stay up to speed!  I want to share my creative adventures with you!