Embracing the Mess of Life - An Art Journal Page & Video

Hello loves!

Week Two of the year hones in on embracing the natural mess of life.  I was in the midst of creating this spread and it was a hot mess!  I loved it part way through the first day and by day three, it and I were no in love!  I needed to accept what was going on and work with that.  I needed to embrace the mess, and use my tried and tested techniques to bring everything together.  Once I did that, everything was fine!

I hope you enjoy this video and embrace some of the mess in your life in the coming week!



Happy New Year & our first video of 2018


Wishing you a happy new year from all of us at Irreverent Artistry; I come to you with our first video of the year.  

This one carries on the series of videos to nurture your creative practice by proving that you can complete an art journal spread in 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  

There are no real rules that I apply to this system other than not going for longer than 15 minutes in a day.  If I am still creating after that I move onto another project.  

This week ruminates on the idea of a new year not being the only way to approach fresh starts and new beginnings.  Every day when we open our eyes we are provided with an opportunity to begin anew and we are given 24 hours to do that in before we are given another opportunity to do the same.  Over and over again.  365 times a year.  What a wonderful gift.

So without further delay, here it is!  Feel free to share, comment and pin as you like!